2012 Year-End Review


The year is coming to an end. And at The Center for Election Science, we have much to celebrate. Moreover, with your support, we have much to anticipate. And that includes promoting Approval Voting.



2012 Highlights:

Looking Forward:

We’re the largest nonprofit in the country that promotes Approval Voting. Approval Voting is one of the few voting methods that always permits a voter to choose their honest favorite—always.

It isn’t our concern where you fall on the political spectrum: left, right, center, wherever. We maintain that, regardless of where you fall, it’s your basic right to choose your honest favorite without repercussion. Our current voting method forbids this. And so does the Instant Runoff Voting reform.

You need us, and we need you. But we face challenges. Most people don’t recognize voting methods as an issue, let alone recognize alternatives beyond our vote-for-one method. Consequently, it’s our duty to educate the public. And we can’t do it without you.

It takes money to hire the skilled labor to develop educational material like videos. This is where you come in. You can make either a one-time or recurring donation. We’ll adore you either way. Recurring donations, however, make our budgeting easier (even when they’re small). For example, one of our board members donates $100 a month.  And we make it simple for you. Recurring donations start out at a mere $5.

Your tax-deductible donation tells us that you’re not satisfied with your democracy, and that you deserve better. Help us make your democracy smarter. Donate now so we can move forward together!