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The GOP Can Find Its Center with Approval Voting


Many blame the duration of the government shutdown on moderate Republicans fearing Tea Party primary challengers. So how can the G.O.P. regain its balance and find its center?

Approval Voting Breaks Duverger’s Law: Gives Voters More Options


Start telling people that a third party’s day is on its way and it’s only a matter of time before you hear about Duverger’s Law. But laws, like rules, are meant to be broken.

Single-Choice Plurality: A Voting System Built for Warfare

Keep Calm

Unlike warfare, democracy, a system that supposedly encourages groups of people to make collective decisions, is not a zero-sum system.

Why Alternative Voting Methods Matter at Left Forum


Make Voting Count invited us to their panel to speak on alternative voting methods.

The Academy Awards: World’s Greatest Democracy?


While tens of millions of viewers will tune in to celebrate the artistic brilliance and technical wizardry of the film industry, few will ever realize they've just witnessed the state of the art in democracy.

Why the Republicans Lost: A Failed Voting System in the Primaries


The voting method the Republican Party uses in its primaries creates opportunities for less broadly-supported candidates to win.

Bipolar Politics: The Beginning and End of the Two Party System


Do you enjoy being forced to choose between one of two candidates? Now, you may say ...

Interview with Dr. Kenneth Arrow


Dr. Arrow is a Nobel Laureate famous for his Impossibility Theorem. Dr. Arrow: "That's correct. Yes. Now there's another possible way of thinking about it, which is not included in my theorem ...

Interview with Occupy Wall Street’s TJ Frawls


Mr. Frawls is head of the OWS Politics and Election Reform Working Group and has run a voting methods experiment. TJ: "Yeah, we wanted to accomplish ...

Is Our Centuries-Old Ballot Out of Date?


How extreme is this void for alternatives? Say you wanted to find the last Michigan governor that wasn't a Democrat or Republican. You'd have to go all the way back to ...