New Hampshire House Bill 240

In January of 2011, New Hampshire state representative Dan McGuire created HB 240. HB 240 would have established Approval Voting for all state offices and presidential primaries. The bill enables Approval Voting by removing the restriction to choose only one candidate. Voters would be able to vote for all the candidates they liked, not just one.

Approval Voting at any level, especially statewide, would significantly improve democracy over Plurality. Below is a brief FAQ on Approval Voting and an excellent interview with Steven Brams by Big Think. Steven Brams, a game theorist and political scientist, is one of the independent inventors of Approval Voting.

UpdateDespite its strengths, the NH bill for Approval Voting failed March 2, 2011 on the State House Floor. Unfortunately, there was a great knowledge gap for most people concerning Approval Voting. But you can help us address that knowledge gap by continuing to share our articles and inviting others to join our Facebook Group for updates and involvement.

Representatives McGuire, DeJong, Cohn, and Bowers all deserve enormous praise for their effort. And like many worthwhile endeavors, this work will take persistence.