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Candidate Story Topics

Where's the Competition? — Learn why your options are limited and how elections can be more competitive.

Why the Extreme Candidates? — Learn why we're likely to have candidates like Trump rather than moderates for the general election.

Why Do We Have Only Two Parties? — Learn about Duverger's Law and how the US system encourages two parties.

How Can We Fix the Wasted Vote Fear? — Learn why voters fear wasting their vote on independents and third parties and how do we fix it.

Why Isn't My Candidate Debating? — Learn about the debate system and how it can be fixed.

Debunking 5 Election Myths — Learn about myths such as what "one person, one vote" means, why independent commissions don't solve the issues behind gerrymandering, why a runoff doesn't guarantee a majority winner, why the wasted voted issue is not inherent to voting, and why Arrow's Impossibility Theorem doesn't mean what you think it means.


You can find videos on our YouTube channel. And you can see our appearances that were televised on Free Speech TV here:

Free & Equal Electoral Reform Symposium (2014 2015)



We've been on a number of radio stations including NPR affiliates. Below is a recent interview we did with Phil Hullet & Friends (Start at 65:40)



Our articles have been published through Independent Voter Network, Democracy Chronicles , Deadspin, The New Citizens Press, and Nonprofit Professional.

We've also been quoted by and the Washington Examiner.

Quotes you can take:

"Our choose-one voting method is an out of date disaster. It causes support to divide between similar candidates, prefers partisan winners, and creates a barrier to entry for new candidates and their ideas. Our terrible voting method is why our democracy is so broken." - Aaron Hamlin, Executive Director of The Center for Election Science at

"If you want people to vote meaningfully, then you can't have them worry about whether they're wasting their vote on their favorite candidate. You avoid this wasted vote fear by letting people vote for as many candidates as they want, even when there's only one winner. This is called approval voting. It's the easiest and most impacting electoral reform there is."  - Aaron Hamlin, Executive Director of The Center for Election Science at


Contact Bios

Aaron Hamlin

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Aaron Hamlin is the executive director of The Center for Election Science at He's been featured as an electoral systems expert on, NPR, Free Speech TV, Popular Mechanics, and has given talks across the country on voting methods. He's written for Deadspin, USA Today Magazine, Independent Voter Network, and others. He's a licensed attorney with two additional graduate degrees in the social sciences.

Dr. Andrew Jennings

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Dr. Andrew Jennings is the former board chair of The Center for Election Science at As an expert on voting methods, Andy has consulted for The Webby Awards, the Republican Liberty Caucus Straw Poll, and elected officials in multiple states. He's also appeared as a radio guest and has been quoted by The Washington Examiner. Andy did his undergraduate work in mathematics at Arizona State University and continued there for his Ph.D. His dissertation was on the concepts of monotonicity and gaming in both ordinal- and cardinal-class voting systems.

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The Center for Election Science advances smarter electoral systems to improve social good. We are also the largest organization that promotes approval voting. Learn more at

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